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The Gift
Home Sunset

Red Flower

Goes Around
A Hill of Crosses The Acient One



The ancient technique of painting with pigmented melted wax was developed by the Egyptians, who used encaustics to portray the deceased on the mummy cases. The paintings in my collection are done in much the same manner, with the help of electricity. I use the magazine collage as a mental base to set the tone for the forthcoming colors, and to provide hidden images and colors wherever the wax has been scratched through. My works are in series because ideas present themselves in bunches and all want to be developed. The desert southwest and indigenous cultures have influenced many pieces in this collection. Other series include crosses and flowers.

The paintings are done on hardboard grounds which have been attached to 1" x 2" frames. The pigmented beeswax is made permanent and durable by the addition of damar resin and the process of fusing the layers of wax. The surfaces will not be harmed by wiping or dusting. The images can withstand the same temperatures as any fine art work.




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